Move for Your Health

Keep Moving: With weather changes, we tend to sit more. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found on average Americans will gain 5 pounds over the holidays, what?! To stop that in its tracks, now is the time to develop good habits in order to prove them wrong. Best of all, keep it simple.

a. As you wake, take a moment for yourself. Lay comfortably and take a breath. Most humans naturally gravitate to negative thoughts and rushing. As an alternative, develop a positive routing for this time. Some simply acknowledge something to be grateful for (health, family, job, a warm bed). This simple positive habit can make a big difference in our attitude and willingness throughout the day.

b. As you move off of your bed, stretch your legs outward. Stand and reach for the ceiling. Bend forward and touch the ground or reach for a wall and push into it as you stretch your shoulders. Don’t knock it. What does your dog and cat do first thing after waking up?

c. As you brush your teeth, stand on one foot for a balance exercise. Engage your core and pay attention to how long you can stand without dropping your other foot. Test yourself to increase this time the next day.

d. If you have stairs, walk up and down them 3 times. No stairs? No problem. Walk from room to room briskly for two minutes or go outside and walk the block.

e. Pay attention to portions. One common rule between most diets is portion control. Use a small plate. Cut your evening stake in half and put one piece aside for tomorrow. Easy does it on starches (carbs) like potatoes and rice. The great news is you can eat all the veggies you want just remember, easy does it on the dressing.